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Circle K International is the collegiate version of Kiwanis. This group of over 13,000 students works hard every day to make their campuses and communities a better place. CKI has the highest per member service hour average of any Kiwanis-family club. In campuses and communities across the globe we touch lives and make a difference.

In the Baldwin Wallace University club, we live to serve and love to serve. From our annual CKI Ice Cream Social to our annual Operation Christmas Child event, we have been going strong for 25 years. We are proud of the service we do and of the lives we change and affect every day. Our club strives to be the best we can and are always open to helping new groups of people and our favorite Kiwanis Club- Berea!

Executive Board

President: Claire Fischer

Vice President: Steffi Burdick

Secretary: Anthony Diaz

Treasurer: Zach Hritz

Public Relations/Bulletin Editor: 

Ruby Thomas


Kiwanis Family Chair:

Jenna Shephard


Western Reserve Lt. Governor - Ella Powell


Committee Chairs

Ohio District Service Chair - Hannah Ogden

Ohio District Fall Rally Co-Chairs - Jillian Smith and Claire Fischer



Robin Gagnow

Dr. Karen Munroe

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